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Tesla Pedal Interceptor

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This is an accelerator pedal interceptor designed by comma.ai which allows comma ai's Eon to control the accelerator pedal on your car.  This version of the pedal comes with a 6 inch and 12 inch pigtail that you can connect accelerator pedal connecters to, allowing the comma pedal to be installed between your cars accelerator pedal and the wiring harness.  It also comes with a custom 3d printed case, a zip tie to secure the case, and an adhesive piece of velcro for mounting.  This pedal comes flashed with the latest Tesla firmware, but could easily be flashed to work with other cars.  Supports USB flashing via DFU mode and canbus flashing.  Be aware that OpenPilot may not be capable of applying the brakes on the car, always maintain a safe following distance and be ready to apply the brakes. 
Always remain aware of your surroundings and in control of your vehicle when using any level 2 self driving equipment.
This device is not for on-road use...use at your own risk.

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