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Tesla Diagnostic Cable 24 inches long

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Note: Toolbox is not guaranteed to work with salvage cars, the cable is compatible but the token authentication used between the car and the Toolbox app makes it difficult to service cars that Tesla has deemed "un-fixable" and remotely disabled. 
Comes with RJ-45 barrel connector so you can add another patch cable for longer access.

In order to use this cable, you will need an active account on service.teslamotors.com, you can then download Toolbox at toolbox.teslamotors.com (needs a Win7,8, or 10 PC), the base rate for a subscription is $30/day up to $3000/year (not included with this cable). I CANNOT provide ANY support for the Toolbox app, nor can I provide access free or otherwise, please do not message me about this.

Service your car or diagnose intermittent issues that your service center can't track down. This cable allows you to connect to the Model S or Model X service port and access maintenance features like firmware redeploy (used when swapping most parts), read and clear DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes), run Autopilot camera and radar calibration, read thermals stats on the drivetrain, charger, and A/C system (including drain and fill procedures), airbag configuration, and configuring body controls. This and much more is available using this cable in conjunction with the Tesla Toolbox app.

This setup is completely removable and doesn’t modify or damage the vehicle in any way. The product comes with detailed instructions on where to access the service port.

Designed, assembled, tested, and shipped in the USA.

Tech Specs:
Length: 0.45m (~2.0ft)
Cable: High quality black ethernet cable with Snagless RJ45 and Z type FakraHSD connectors
No. of Conductors: 8 (two ethernet pairs used)
Works with: Model S/X up to 2016 model year (and likely beyond)
Software: Tesla Toolbox

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